Rules of procedure

1 Basic agreements, goals

(1) The Mittweida CampusNet, hereinafter referred to as MCN, is an initiative founded by students. Based on the approval of the student union Freiberg for the installation of the network in the dormitories and the approval of the university Mittweida, hereinafter referred to as HSMW, for the connection to the university network, the MCN aims at the installation, the connection to the university network and the operation of the network in the dormitories of the student union Freiberg. The MCN enables its users to access the university network of the HSMW.

(2) The MCN is a working group of the student union Freiberg, hereinafter referred to as student union.

(3) If the student union is dormant, the MCN continues its business until the next constituent meeting of the student union and is accountable to the student union in all matters.

(4) The seat of the MCN is in Mittweida.

(5) The fiscal year of the MCN begins on 01.01. of the year and ends on 31.12. of the year.

2 Acquisition and loss of membership

2.1 Acquisition of membership

(1) Every tenant of the student dormitory can be a user of the MCN. Prerequisite for acquiring membership is a valid NCC account with accepted network rules at the HSMW, a valid rental agreement of the student union at the Mittweida location, and an application completed on the MCN website. The working group decides on the admission at its own discretion.

(2) Membership begins with the confirmation of admission to the MCN by the working group.

2.2 End of membership

(1) Membership ends by written notice of resignation by the user, by expulsion, or by not having a valid NCC account at the HSMW.

(2) A user may declare their resignation at any time using the form on the MCN website.

(3) Expulsion is permissible if the user culpably violates the interests of the MCN in a gross manner, in particular if he or she does not comply with the MCN's rules of procedure and rules or the HSMW's network rules. The student union may demand the expulsion of a user for serious breaches of duty. The working group decides on the expulsion.

(4) A user is automatically excluded if they do not have a valid NCC account with a corresponding e-mail address at the HSMW. The working group shall obtain corresponding information from the NCC during the semester.

2.3 Procedure in case of non-compulsory network usage

(1) The working group is authorized to create a traffic model according to the current technical possibilities and actual requirements and the performance of the network and to change it at the beginning of each semester. The change shall become effective 14 days after the beginning of the semester.

(2) The traffic model shall be published on the MCN homepage.

3 The organs of the MCN

3.1 The Working Group

(1) The working group of the MCN consists of users, students or employees of the HSMW or the student union.

(2) The Network Coordinator and a representative shall be appointed by the Working Group from among its members. The network coordinator is also the chairperson of the working group.

(3) The MCN is represented by the chairperson of the working group or their representative together with another member of the working group.

(4) An member of the working group officiates until:
a. they complete their studies
b. they resign from their activity
c. the resignation is demanded by the remaining members of the working group
d. the resignation is demanded by a resolution of the student union.
Exceptions can be determined individually by a simple majority of the working community

(5) Admission to the working group is determined after an informal application by the network coordinator, their representative, or the simple majority of the working group.

(6) The working group has a quorum if the simple majority of the members present at a publicly announced meeting agree to a resolution. In the event of a tie, the Network Coordinator shall have the casting vote.

4 Services of the MCN

4.1 Network connection

(1) The MCN provides a functional network connection for each user with a dormitory place in the houses of the student union "Am Schwanenteich" as well as at the "Professor-Holzt-Straße". If no ethernet port is available, WiFi can be offered as an alternative. The installed materials and provided devices remain the property of the MCN's under the administration of the student union. The installation of the user's required hardware or software from the provided network socket or WiFi access point is not part of the MCN's scope of services.

(2) IPv4 is uniformly used as the data transmission protocol. Other protocols, such as IPX or NetBEUI, are not permitted.

4.2 Availability

(1) The MCN shall endeavor to maintain the operability of the network within the dormitories and to the university network. Work on the network will be carried out as required, according to the time available to those responsible and, if possible, announced in advance. Nevertheless, short-term impairments of the network operation cannot be ruled out.

(2) The MCN does not guarantee server availability or uninterrupted access to the Internet. The MCN's area of responsibility ends at the transfer point to the university network.

4.3 Security

(1) Each user is responsible for the security of their computer system. This applies in particular to passwords, the release of resources (e.g. with Windows/Samba shares), as well as the up-to-dateness of software and the operating system used.

(2) If computer viruses in the network or attacks on computers are noticed, this must be reported immediately to the working group or to the persons authorized by the working group. The working group has the right to block or restrict the network access of the presumably affected user. The user will be informed about blocking or restriction by e-mail to their NCC mail account within one day. The user's access will be reinstated after verification by an member of the working group or a person authorized by the working group if the cause for blocking or restricting the network access has been resolved.

4.4 Troubleshooting

The working group shall be notified immediately about any technical faults occurring in network operation. An attempt shall be made to resolve these faults without delay. There shall be no entitlement to immediate resolution. The provisions of §4.3 shall remain unaffected.

4.5 Data protection

(1) The user data required for the operation of the MCN shall be stored. Each user may obtain information about the data stored about them. This data may only be used for the purposes of the MCN. Data may only be passed on to third parties with the express permission of the user. The obligation of the MCN to provide information on the basis of legal regulations remains unaffected by this.

(2) The working group reserves the right to check the following data provided in the application for use with the responsible authorities:
HSMW - matriculation number and valid enrollment
NCC - valid NCC account and NCC e-mail address
student union - existing rental agreement for the registered room.

(3) Only the workgroup is authorized to make log files and printouts for troubleshooting, network load analysis and for recording network-typical parameters. Information obtained unintentionally from network traffic must be destroyed immediately. If the anonymity of the users is not preserved in the above-mentioned log files, this data must also be deleted after one year and the printouts destroyed. This does not affect error documentation or documentation of criminal acts and damage to or in the network.

5 Use of the network

5.1 Authorized users

(1) Every resident of the buildings of the student union may use the services of the MCN with their devices. The use of the network is at the user's own risk.

(2) The user may connect further computers within his room via his computer or other suitable technology (e.g. NAT router with firewall). Devices outside the room in which the network connection is installed may not be connected by the user to the network of the MCN. This applies in particular to connections via WiFi, modem and other technology. These are to be secured with procedures that are not easy to break according to the state of the art.

(3) The user is not authorized to provide access to third parties outside the room in which the network connection is installed.

5.2 Basic rules

(1) The following behavior shall be considered as a serious violation of the provisions of these rules and may lead to the expulsion of the concerned user:
a. Violation of legal regulations, especially copyright law as well as attacks on systems of the MCN or the attempt to hack them (in addition, criminal charges may be brought)
b. any commercial use of the network
c. Manipulation of MAC address, assigned IP address and use of forged e-mail addresses
d. Access to other people's data or unauthorized access to devices that have not been explicitly released to the public by the owner / author
e. eavesdropping on network traffic (sniffing) so that messages addressed to ethernet addresses other than one's own are read
f. Use of software that serves to spy out security holes in computers, e.g. port scanners
g. intentional or unintentional provision of the connection outside the user's room.
Members of the working group are exempt from points c. to f. of this regulation in the case of disturbances of the network and for the prevention of danger, in compliance with the data protection regulations (see 5.5).

(2) Further guidelines are published on the MCN homepage. If these are not observed, exclusion will follow after prior warning.

(3) Since the network operated by the MCN is part of the German Research Network, no commercial service may be offered via the network of the MCN.

(4) Furthermore, the Network Rules of the HSMW shall apply to every user.

6 Liability

(1) The MCN is not liable for hardware or software damages caused by connection to the MCN network (e.g. lightning strike, virus attack, loss of data, unauthorized access, etc.), unless the damage was caused intentionally or by gross negligence on the part of the working group

(2) Claims against the MCN are to be asserted by the users in writing to the working group within a period of 4 months.

(3) The users of the MCN are liable to the MCN for damages caused intentionally or in any other way culpably. The student union shall decide on the assertion of claims for damages.

(4) The user is liable for damages resulting from the violation of the rules of use according to section 6.2 of these rules of procedure even in the case of simple negligence. At the same time, they are liable for the violation of usage rules by third parties who use their network connection with their consent contrary to the rules of procedure, or due to missing safeguards against unauthorized use.

7 Announcements, amendments to the Rules of Procedure

7.1 Announcements

Current announcements, proposals, minutes and resolutions shall be published on the MCN homepage.

7.2 Amendments to the Rules of Procedure

(1) The Working Group, the users of the MCN and the student union may propose amendments to the Rules of Procedure.

(2) Amendments to the Rules of Procedure shall be submitted to the student union.

8 Dissolution of the MCN

(1) The dissolution of the MCN requires a resolution of the working community with a majority of three quarters of the members present.

(2) After dissolution, the student union shall take over all business practices.

9 Severability clause

Should individual provisions of the MCN's Rules of Procedure or the HSMW's Rules of Use be invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.

These rules of procedure come into force on the day after their resolution.