We’re extending a warm welcome to you on our new homepage and we wish you a terrific start to the new summer term 2017.

First and foremost, we wish you the best possible results on every journey you take and a lovely and eventful time during your studies and in the dormitories.

We bid you, no matter whether old-established or new, welcome to our new website and, of course, to the dormitories.

We, as members of the MCN, weren’t idle during the semester break. We improved our organization and whipped it into shape. For those of you who are interested in what exactly changed, rest assured that there will be new blog posts in the near future. An introduction of our team is planned as well. For a short insight, head on over to “About us”.

Our website received a makeover in terms of design as well. All of the features you are already used to, like the traffic counter, are still accessible and can be found via “My MCN”.

Not only has our website been renewed from the ground up, but it shall replace our Facebook page as good as possible. Not everyone uses Facebook or reads e-mails nowadays. That’s why more announcements will be published to our website. Don’t just stop by to check your traffic stats, but find out about the newest information regarding patch days and notices concerning higher traffic limits, for instance.

We have also added a FAQ section. We included the most frequently asked questions we received during our business hours throughout the last few years. With our new FAQ, we hope to answer the easiest questions out of business hours and Facebook. You can still ask us questions nonetheless if something is unclear or if you require assistance.

Furthermore, we worked on the translations into English for our entire website. Our foreign tenants will no longer have to struggle with Google translator.

We are still working on more services like chat servers and game servers. This is why we need support which brings us to our next topic: we want YOU!

We are searching for ambitious and motivated students who are interested in cooperating with the MCN. We are not only searching for IT students, but also media folks who can help us during our daily work. There’s always something to do, whether it’s restructuring our servers, writing blog posts for our website or helping other students setting up their Internet access.  That’s cool – you might think, but what do you get in return? You’ll receive more traffic and a neat employer’s reference which looks good on any job application. On the other hand, we are a bunch of nice people, mixed together from various different branches of study. We’re having lots of fun and also do things together as a group (hanging out at a club, paintball, swimming at night in an open-air bath and so on). Are you hooked? Send us an e-mail or come on over during one of our business hours. We’ll explain everything beyond that. And no worries – you don’t need to know anything in advance. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. We’re looking forward to your message.

That’s it for now. There will be plenty more in the next few days, so come around if you feel like it.

Over and Out

Your MCN team