Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

General questions

Who has permission to use our service?

Everyone who lives in one of the dormitories in Mittweida and has valid university login credentials.


Am Schwanenteich 8 Dormitory 1-4

Prof. Holzt. Straße Dormitory 5-6

Do I have to pay for your services?

No, you don’t. All the expenses are covered by the rent.

Can I have more traffic?

No, but you can support us with our work at anytime. As a result, you are granted more traffic.

How can I become a user?

By registering on our site.


How do I register?

0 Go to “My MCN”

1 Login with your university account

2 Hover over the box “You are new to the dormitory …” -> display should chage -> click white button “Registration” -> it should open a form {{}}

3 Fill out the form

4 Click “continue”

5 Download the application, fill it out and hand it to the MCN

6 Optional: Send a message via Facebook and tell us that you have registered

Where can I find my MAC address?

Device Where is the address?
Mac OS Apple icon -> About this MAC -> Overview -> System Preferences -> Network -> LAN -> MAC-Address
Windows Right click on the network symbol in the taskbar -> “Network and sharing center” -> select current connection -> “Details” -> Physical address


“Win + R” -> enter “cmd” in the window that shows up -> enter “getmac /v” in the black window -> physical address in the line with the LAN-connection

Router The MAC address on the back of your router is usually off by +/- 1 bit and thus the wrong one. In the manual or on the bottom of the router is a URL which can be used to configure your device (e.g.,,, or …) The correct MAC-address can be found on the status page at the “WAN”-port.


If you still can’t find the MAC address, feel free to come on over at one of our business hours or send us an e-mail. You can also reach us via Facebook and we will help with words and deeds.

Can you help me configure my router?

Of course we can. See us at one of our business hours (can be found on our contact page) or send us an e-mail or message us via Facebook.

How can I change my data?

Go to “My MCN”

1Login with your university account

2 hover over Box “You want to know how much …”  -> display should change to one with a white button “Traffic display”  -> click button -> should open form

4 Change the desired values (don’t forget to tick the boxes)

5 Click “Save”

I want to change my MAC-address or I want to connect a different device. Where do I need to put the MAC-address?

0 Go to “My MCN”

1 Login with your university account

2 hover over the box “Yo’ve moved or your MAC …” -> display should change to one with white button “Here you can change them” -> click button -> form should appear 

3 Change the desired values (don’t forget to tick the boxes)

4 Click “Save”

I’m moving out. What now?

Send us an e-mail or contact us via Facebook. We will then delete your account. There’s nothing else you need to do.

Questions about the Traffic Modell

How much traffic do I have and how much can I save up?

We’re providing you 25 GB every day. You can accumulate up to 125 GB. You can find more about it over at “My MCN” -> “How does traffic work?”

What happens if I use up my traffic?

If you have depleted your traffic, you may only visit our and the university’s pages up until 24:00. On the next day at 0:00, you’re granted our daily traffic limit.

How can my internet access be revoked?

Generally speaking, you cannot lose your internet access. If we assume that you’re doing anything malicious in our network (e.g. hacking attempts), we will exclude you without prior notice.

My traffic is exceptionally high although I’ve used my internet as usual. Is there a reason for that?

You should always ask yourself about your internet habits first. Did you watch a livestream in HD? Streaming via Amazon takes up a lot of traffic. Maybe your operating system downloaded an update. Game downloads can also result in higher traffic. Do you play online?

Have you handed your WiFi password to any of your neighbors? If so, ask him/her what he/she has been doing throughout the last few days what might have affected your traffic. You may also change your WiFi password.

You might also have a computer virus in the worst case. A first indication might be a higher upload rate.

I have problems with my internet access

I had internet access for a short while and now I don’t. Why?

It might happen that your devices have internet access for a short amount of time and they suddenly don’t after the first installation. This is probably due to a wrong MAC address. (see “Where is my MAC address” and “How can I change my MAC address.”)


How can I support you?

By becoming a member. However, your workload doesn’t only imply “IT stuff”. We have a lot of service area. We will definitely find something which suits you as well.
If you’re interested, send us an e-mail or use our contact form. We will explain anything beyond that.

Can I have more traffic for university?

Generally speaking, this is definitely possible. However, we need an informal certificate by your professor/lecturer to match your needs. We also require a set time frame for your project. (Prolongations are possible too.) However, we are the preserve of declining applications for an increased traffic limit.

What download/upload speed can I expect?

This depends on the time of day and the day of the week. If everyone is accessing the network, results might turn out lower than expected. In the dormitories of the Prof.-Holzt-Straße, you can expect about 90 MBit/s or 11 MB/s. Over at the Schwanenteich, speeds of about 1 GBit/s or 125 MB/s are possible. (No warranty!) However, your devices and our ISP need to support an appropriate bandwidth.

What is the patch day?

On a patch day, we update our software. On those days, connection problems and outages might occur. However, those updates are important since they provide our infrastructure with security improvements and new features.

When is the patch day?

On every first Thursday of every month, we install updates and patches. This means that we need to reboot some servers and other components. Do not panic. We will always strive to take care of it as quick as possible.

Which routers do you recommend?

The router needs a WAN port with DHCP address assignment, or else it’s useless in our network. Routers which support these features are the following:

ADSL routers without “WAN via LAN1” do not work. If there is a DSL port on the back of the router, it might get iffy.

Get In Touch!

Do you have questions or suggestions?

Then contact us by e-mail or our social media channels. You can of course also pay a visit to our office within the office hours. We are glad to help you.


Keller Wohnheim 4

Am Schwanenteich 8

09648 Mittweida


Business Hours

Office hours take place only after prior arrangement by e-mail.

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